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I recently rebooted my PC because of a virus I had that I couldnt remove. Before that I had no problem what so ever with my iPhone connecting to iTunes, I was able to drag and drop music/videos and able to move apps around via the applications tab for my iPhone in iTunes. Now when I connect it all my music/videos are greyed out and so are all my applications and it wont let me add/remove/move anything. I was thinking about checking the box in the summary tab to manually manage music and videos but then it wants to wipe my phone and replace it with my itunes libary which has nothing in it because I had to reboot my computer.

I'm am usually pretty good with computers what am I missing here how can I gain access to my iphone content thru itunes without wiping the device, I never put music/vids in my itunes library i always used to drag and drop with out a problem. Wiping it would mean I would have to start from scratch besides the apps which I know are saved to my itunes account. Any suggestions???

HP Media Center Desktop, Windows XP
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    The iPhone is not a backup storage device. Syncing is mainly for adding stuff or removing stuff, NOT copying off stuff.

    Backups of your media and harddrie were you responsibility.

    At min, you can open iTunes, ensure you are logged into your iTunes store account and computer is authorized with it. Then connect iPhone and DO NOT SYNC, but right click menu choose Transfer Purchased Content. This will take off anything you bought withing iTunes. Any media you got elsewhere (eg: from ripping a CD) will not come off.
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    Have you failed to maintain a backup?
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    I am having the same problem,so I know how you feel. I recently installed windows 7, and had to reinstall itunes. I still can't work out how to get around this, but I can tell u I'm gonna lose a **** of alot of music in order to be able to use my iphone with my pc again. I can tell u for one, I never read anywhere, that if you reinstalled itunes, it would not let u sync without deleting all your music. I'm seriously p@#&$%d off!! If u get any help with this, please let me know!!
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    A420TuRbO wrote:
    I recently rebooted my PC because of a virus I had that I couldnt remove.

    I'm am usually pretty good with computers

    Yet, you seemed to have inadequate virus protection and don't seem to maintain an external backup from which to restore in case of system failure.

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    Try Touchcopy.
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    I am having the same problem - my apps are greyed out in iTunes and I can no longer use the scroll bar to see all that are installed. I also can no longer organize my iPhone screens. This is extremely irritating and yes my phone is backed up, yes the apps are in-synch between phone & computer, yes I have the latest virus updates....