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i recently decided to consolidate 2-3 of my email accounts into one account.

Here is what I did.
1. opened a new gmail account
2. copied messages from other folders into the "All Mail" folder of this account.
3. copied 20000 odd messages into the mail.app folder - but only 10880 messages can be seen on google online account.

Problem i need to solve:
1. i have confirmed that several of the messages that are in the offline folder are not on google.
2. i have tried to synchronize this account by choosing the menu action to synchronize.
3. But these messages are not finding their way to the online interface.

How do I move the remaining messages to google online?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    One thing I found: I've noted that some mail's larger then approx. 20MB will not copy over.

    Also, I've seen some reduction of the count of mail items, that appeared to be due to duplicate emails, I believe that Google's site is automatically de-duplicating, for our 'convenience'. The 'All mail' folder especially, will probably try to de-duplicate. Not sure if it's the same as copying into a 'new' individual folder, or not, as Google's 'all' folder does some special things. Perhaps copying to a new seperate folder may help.

    I'm not 100% positive, but take a look, and see if you find that you've got some that you can sort for by size (make sure you're displaying the size column in mail.app) that are over 20MB or even close to that size, and/or also find several emails, with the same subject, date & time stamp, and when copied onto Google's account, then there is only one copy.

    I would check those things out first, and see if that helps resolve the issues.


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    I will try these out.

    There are very few emails larger than 20MB. So that is not the culprit of the difference in count to the tune of 5000 emails.

    Deduplication by google - that could be the case - but I doubt it would contribute so significantly to the difference - I cannot see too many duplicates as I scan through.

    Let me try to copy these to a special folder. Will report back and thanks for the ideas!!