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I have a balence in my account from a gift card but Itunes does not see it? This has never happened.

power book G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    First, make sure you're logged into the iTunes Store using the account ID and password you set up, or used, when you redeemed your card/gift. If you are, try signing out of the account and back in.

    If you're sure you are using the correct account and that you're signing in to the iTunes Store, and signing out and back in doesn't help, go to the Purchase History and review your purchases to make sure that you should indeed have a balance left. iTunes doesn't always refresh the balance it shows, so it's possible you spent the money and it just wasn't being reflected in the display. This display error can usually be corrected by logging out of the iTunes Store and then back in.

    If you confirm that you should have balance left but the iTunes Store isn't showing it correctly, send a message to the iTunes Store customer service department through the form you'll find by selecting the most applicable section of their Support page and explain the problem to them.

    Good luck.
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    Dave I followed you suggestion to my account. It showed a credit card I do not use any more. I changed it and logged out & in and ITUNES welcomed me and showed the balence.

    thanks for the help