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First thing my English language is not good. I hope you'll could understand me.
My problem is that suddenly some keys on my keyboard don't work (f1, 1, q, a, z, and delete key) (my keyboard is clean)
Some times it worked by it self for 30 seconds and after that it will stop.

When it stop I noticed that when I click with my finger on the center of the trackpad, these keys will work, and when I lift my finger these keys will stop working.

The problem started when i was use leopard, and now I did format my computer and I use snow leopard, and I still have the same problem.

Now some of other keys don't work (f2, 2, w, s,and x) it stopped once every 3 days for 3 Minutes and after that it work by it self.

I tried these thing
and I still have the problem.

I tried this thing http://support.apple.com/downloads/MacBook_MacBook_Pro_Keyboard_Firmware_Update_10
and it tell me (my keyboard doe snot need this update), and I think I need it.

Do you know what the problem is? and can I fix it by some setting? because I can't take it to the Apple store because we don't have on

Thank you anyway.

macbook pro 2.5, Mac OS X (10.6.2), snow leopard
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    Keyboard problems can sometimes be resolved with a PRAM reset, iMey (start up the computer while holding down the command option p r keys - keep the keys pressed until the chimes have sounded a couple of time).

    When they occur in "blocks" of physically close keys like most of yours, though, it often indicates a hardware problem with the keyboard itself, I'm afraid.

    The keyboard update you mention is only relevant to the "late 2007" MacBook Pros and earlier models.


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    Thank you very much!
    I did thing that you told me, and I still have the problem. but I think there is an improvement (I think they now work for longer time than before I did this thing)
    First thing I did it and the keys don't work, then I clicked a strong click on the track pad then the keys are working for 11 minutes, then, it stopped, then, I clicked again on the track pad, then, the keys work again for 2 hours, then, it stopped, then, I clicked, then, it work for 15 minutes. (Sorry if this boring you)

    Is there any thing I can do? I need to do something because my hand It really hurts me from the long strong click : (
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    THat's interesting.

    In that case another thing to check, iMey, is that your battery hasn't expanded causing problems by placing pressure on the track pad/ keyboard, or that the ribbon cables visible in the battery compartment have been moved or damaged.

    See http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8514656 for a description of the issue and http://jasonrobb.com/2008/11/24/macbook-pro-unresponsive-keyboard-trackpad-solut ion/ for some photos and other information.

    The need for a "strong click" on the trackpad suggests that the problem may well lie in this area.


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    WOOOOW, you are an amazing person. My tears come out now, after a hard year working on my MBP I had to click a long strong click every single time I need to use one of these keys (f1, 1, q, a, z, f11, f12, delete key, and sometimes f2, 2, w, s, x) but now I found the solution. Thank you so much!

    I Put the laptop to sleep, removed the battery (while plugged in), and I pressed down on the ribbon cable ( and it didn't bring it out of sleep mode) then I rolled up a sticky note and placed it on top of the cable then the magic happened. All keyboard keys are working.

    Last thing I want to say: Is it safe putting a sticky note there for a long time?

    I wish I could send it to the Apple store to repair it or replace it.

    Rod Hagen, Jason Robb, thank you so much.

    11qqaaz22wwssx12qwaszzx << I just play on the keyboard it sound like I'm playing music for me : )
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    That's great, iMey.

    I've never heard of the sticky note causing problems, but if you can get a bit of proper anti-static tape like this to hold it down, it may be better in the long run.

    If you can't get it locally it should be easy to find through mail-order.

    I gather the "official" repair is often to simply use a bit of anti-static tape anyway!



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    I'll look for it. Thank you for your advice.