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I hope someone can help me.

I just bought a Yamaha N12 mixer Dec 2009 last month and been trying it with my MacBook Pro. It's firmware has been updated to work with the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver, and it's been communicating fine with the my MacBook Pro.

Now the problem. I just bought an iMac 27' running Mac OS X 10.6.2 last week.
How should I get the N12 to talk to my iMac? What sequence of driver installation should I go about?
Should install all the Tools for n/mLan drivers that came with the N12 installation discs still? And then carry on with installing the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver over it? Or can I straight away install the latest Yamaha Steinberg FW driver?

I'm afraid of technical problems as I might have screwed up my first iMac's firewire 800 port when I installed the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver straight away. Luckily the Mac shop was kind enough and willing to give me a one for one replacement of the iMac due to the firewire port problem. I'm not sure to what extend the firewire800 port problem might have with the FW driver installation or if it was a manufacturing defect. In anycase, its a one-time only exchange. And I now have the replacement iMac, and the firewire800 port is working fine. I'm now hesitant to install anything so that the iMac can talk to my N12 in the worry that it might affect anything if I did the wrong steps especially the firewire 800 port.

Please help if you might know of the correct steps? i just want my N12 to talk to my new iMac without any possible spoiling of my firewire 800 port due to wrong installation steps on my part.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


MacBook Pro, iMac 27' (Intel-based), Mac OS X (10.6.2), Yamaha N12
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    What does Yamaha's User Manual says about driver installation? Did you follow the instructions as indicated with your 1st iMac? Are there any notes in the driver installation instructions saying that there is a risk of damaging a FireWire port when you do something in the wrong order? If so, you must follow these instruction carefully in order not to screw up the 2nd iMac, I presume.

    However, from my experience, you can't really "screw up" a port by installing a driver. But you must also be aware that the driver has to be suitable for the current operating system of your iMac (that is for Snow Leopard or Mac OSX 10.6.2)
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    My question Exactly!

    I'm sitting here with four files downloaded from the yamahasynth site with all kinds of warnings about
    not installing stuff in the correct order but NO info on what is the correct order.

    I sent Yamaha a support e-mail query on this with no answer yet.

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    I found this:


    [1] Install TOOLS for n Version2
    [2] Connect the n8/n12 to the computer, then turn on the power to the device.
    [3] Update IEEE1394 firmware
    [4] Update n8/n12 firmware
    [5] Confirm whether or not installation is completed successfully [6] Update Sweet Spot Data Manager


    Hope This Helps

    I'm off to try it.

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    Hi Curt Lee,

    Have you tried? Does it work properly?