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I am completely stumped, and need your help! - here's the status:
I have a 3GS
Windows XP
iTunes 9
iPhone OS 3.1.2
Summary tab > "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" is ticked
Summary tab > "Manually manage Music and Videos" is NOT ticked. (though i have tried both settings here)
Devices> my iPhone > Ringtones tab > "Sync Ringtones" is ticked
Devices> my iPhone > Ringtones tab > "All Ringtones" is ticked
Ringtones all appear properly under Library > Ringtones
They play in iTunes and are all quite less than 30 seconds (properly exported from Garageband as ringtones to iTunes from my mac and then copied to PC)
They do NOT appear under Devices > my iPhone > (expanded menu in side bar) Ringtones - which only shows they are not on the device,
I am able to sync music and videos to my iPhone.
I can see my default ringtones on my iPhone.

And I have reset the iPhone.

I've hit a wall - please help!

Windows XP, iPhone 3GS
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    Just a thought...I had the same issue just now and it turns out it happened because I had purchased the ringtones from my iPhone. They were then transferred to my computer, but my computer was not authorized to play the ringtones. I had to play them in iTunes, which then asked for my password to authorize the computer to play them. After that, they finally transferred properly to my iPhone.

    It sounds like you made the ringtones yourself, however, so I don't know if this will help...
  • i Joel Level 1 (145 points)
    Thanks for the thought. But you are correct, I did create them myself. And the exact files actually work for my friends who have iPhones. That is why I am stumped. There is obviously something about my unique set up that is wrong.

    I wish i could figure it out!