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I recently upgraded to 10.5 for ipod functionality and better online streaming and I'm noticing that sometimes video still streams really really choppy. I'm using Firefox 3.5.7, have all the Sofwate Updates installed and still it's choppy.

I have a fast broadband connection and 1.5gbs of RAM, shouldn't be having a problem still. What's going on?

I was just trying to stream the Daily Show for example and it was Frozen Image -pause- frozen image - pause. VERY choppy and slow. Also, it totally slowed down the rest of my computer. There's no way my computer is too slow for that, it runs great when I'm running far more CPU intensive programs like audio editing, photoshop, etc.

Can someone tell me what the deal is?


Powerbook G4 15" - 1.5ghz - 1.5GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • K Shaffer Level 6 (11,890 points)
    Some online content requires the latest Adobe Flash and Shockwave players
    and/or plug-ins to be installed. They are available from Adobe's web site, along
    with the Uninstaller to remove the older versions of these two players. The old
    one has to be removed (one, each) before installing a newer one.

    There may be some third party additional software, but the above players are
    usually among the first things to consider if everything else is OK. These do
    not appear in the computer's Software Update utility. But other items may.

    Also, the newest Firefox 3.6 browser is available for download. There are a few
    newer features and technologies, so things are still moving along.

    (Some content online may require other software for best viewing.)

    The slowness of the computer does present a puzzle; in that if the computer
    has plenty of RAM installed (indicated you do have enough) the other factor
    would be the amount of free space available in the hard disk drive, since that
    is used as Virtual Memory by the system and by any running applications.
    You can see what is going on by checking the system in Activity Monitor.

    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Hmm, I installed the new firefox, flash, and shockwave, but I didn't delete the old ones, how do I do that 'properly?' I guess I need to do it again.

    Installed them without removing the old firefox, flash and shockwave, but it didn't make a difference at all.

    Again, it's only high quality video I have trouble with. Lower quality is fine.
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    High quality video requires a more powerful processor than a G4. An Intel multi-GHz processor is what is standard now, and videos are being produced with that standard in mind. You can throw money into a computer with all kinds of upgrades but it probably won't help since there's no way you can put an Intel processor in a PPC mac. It would be interesting to get specific feedback but I suspect even G5s are having problems, and if they aren't they soon will be.
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    Usually within the download of the flash player there is an uninstaller.
    Or in the site it came from. And on the Adobe site is a page where it
    can check your computer's system to see which version is running.

    Same for shockwave. Either the uninstaller is with the download item
    in a folder when the package is opened, or it is separate. Somehow
    when I downloaded & upgraded both of these players I ended up with
    their Uninstallers, too. Some player downloads are larger in size.

    Also, I downloaded Flip4Mac's WMV player, the free basic version.
    Somewhere, I have VLC player and a few others. They can help.

    With new Adobe players, some things do improve. High-end HD video
    does require other support in rendering, to include better hardware.
    In a few cases, if some video can be paused and it loads in the back-
    ground awhile, when it resumes it may be a little better even in a G4.

    Firefox will sometimes provide a dialog box, saying it found an older
    version and asks if you want to proceed & replace it, on install. Or
    you'll end up with two in the Applications folder and the icon on the
    Dock will keep on running the older one it finds first. You can check
    to see what's there and the date/version of it. Trash older ones. All
    the bookmarks are in another location.

    There was a good deal on MacBooks in the Apple Store's special deals;
    and a fairly good 21.5" iMac. Those deals sometimes are great finds;
    unlike places who 'fix used computers' these include a basic AppleCare
    plan and have current software, too. - +{Had I not bought a used clunker+
    +car two years ago, I could have bought 4 Macs in lemon repairs alone.+
    +Yet they tell me things could be worse, I could be living in the clunker!}+

    Good luck & happy computing!
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    Don't quite understand why my processor can render movies seamlessly on DVD, run logic pro and photoshop at the same time seamlessly, but can't stream the dailyshow in a web browser, but okay.

    sounds to me like some intentional lack of backwards compatibility built-in by the programmers.
  • K Shaffer Level 6 (11,890 points)
    While the Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave Players may not
    be the reason why your streaming is slow and problematic, if
    you did install newer versions without uninstalling older ones,
    there can be some issues with the computer & viewing content
    where Flash & Shockwave are concerned.

    For a pile of things on this topic, run google to search results on:

    1) uninstall adobe flash player mac os x
    2) uninstall adobe shockwave player mac os x

    {If you have not uninstalled older versions first, before
    installing newer ones, there can be problems. Some of
    the results in the searches above address variables.}

    The newer browsers and web content are also going into the use
    of other technologies, so +some are getting away from Flash+ &
    perhaps Shockwave. One of the brief *articles about HTML5* is
    more about YouTube content, as Firefox 3.6 has HTML5 support:

    Web page development and technologies are changing, but they
    should not be obsoleting so much of it, so fast. Not everyone is
    out to rebuild their web pages to keep up, are they?

    The newer Firefox 3.6 has additional upgrades one can get, so
    it can be configured through items downloadable from Mozilla
    Firefox web page; maybe they have something to help this case;
    if it isn't a flash or shockwave issue; and is not a matter of a slow
    video processor in a PowerPC based Mac.

    Good luck & happy computing!
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    They are using more efficient (= less space, or equal space for better quality) codecs for new video. Even my G3 could handle mpeg-1 but not mpeg-4. DVD mpeg-2 is a relatively old codec too but if all the DVD producers suddenly changed formats now so everybody had to go out and buy new DVD players to handle mp4 there would be an international uprising. (Actually I have a player that will play mp4.) Also I guess they figure there isn't any point in using a better codec since they only want to put one movie on a disc anyway. Anyway, DVDs are relatively undemanding on computers, but then the files take up about 4 times the space that they really need to.

    It isn't an intentional lack of backward compatibility. People want to make quality movies with their cell phones. The want high quality video small enough for Internet streaming. It can be done technically but the basic target it the most information using the least data. That puts demands on the computer to unravel the video from less data.
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    Ditto for me. Since The Daily Show and Colbert Report upgraded to HD, I've had difficulty streaming the full episodes from the shows' own websites on my old iBook G4.

    I also have an intel Mac Mini, and they stream fine on it.

    FYI, when I want to watch these programs from my iBook, I usually use hulu.com. They seem to have a version of the video that is more conducive to streaming on older Macs.
  • K Shaffer Level 6 (11,890 points)
    With some sites now using HTML5, browsers capable of detecting the content of
    those running this, instead or parallel to Flash content, should be able to provide
    a better experience in the older Macs.

    So hopefully there will be some continued support for older Mac OS X versions
    and hardware for awhile with the newer technologies such as HTML5; even though
    browsers such as Firefox won't be supporting Tiger 10.4.11, & Adobe Flash is fading
    out some support for PPC hardware. Seems odd that support for some old Windows
    stuff that wasn't that good to begin with (but has scores of folks stuck holding the bag)
    gets support for up to Ten years; re: Windows 2000. Tiger is vastly superior, too.

    The price of progress involves early adoption and sometimes, early retirement.
    Good luck & happy computing!