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Does anyone know how to automatically create forms from a Numbers sheet? The iWork version of Numbers for iPad does this superawesomely! I wonder if I could do that on my macbook.

MacBook 2.4 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    According to the bumpf in the iWork for iPad page, the iWork applications have been 'redesigned from the ground up.' Going by that, I'd infer that the features you describe are currently exclusive to that (as yet unavailable) version and not available in iWork '09.

    As for future versions of iWork...

    Only those working under non-disclosure agreements (and not all of those) know for sure.

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    I was hoping the same thing after I watched the video. As much as I have tried, it doesn't appear that iWork 09 has this capability. I'm confident that iWork '10 should, though I still wouldn't hold my breathe.

    My guess is based on the Faces & Places feature trickling from iPhoto to Aperture, took a while but it got there.
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    So you can't create Forms in iWork for Macs, but I have a question about Numbers on the iPad. If I import an XLS that contains multiple sheets, tables, formulas, etc, into the iPad version of Numbers, will iPad still automatically create Forms to allow me to enter data into each one of my tables? Is this cumbersome or difficult to do via the iPad?
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    Not many of us here in the Mac OS iWork discussions have Numbers for iPad, so it's not the best place to ask. There is a Numbers discussion area under iPad that presumably has a greater percentage of actual iPad Numbers users.

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    I just imported one simple spreadsheet, but Numbers for iPad will NOT let me create a Form for data entry to it. When I tap the + tab, it never asks whether I want a form or sheet, it just adds a sheet.

    If Form capability is tied to using one of the templates, the documentation that induced me to buy this is very misleading.
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    The problem with your imported spreadsheet may be that it does't conform to the requirements for using Forms. According to the Help for iPad Numbers: First step: Create a table with a header column listing the record names, and a header row listing the data categories you want to enter in each record.

    Possible your imported table doesn't have the required header column and header row.

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    I have a question about Numbers on the iPad.