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Yesterday, my ipod was working fine. Today, when I went to unlock my ipod, it wouldn't unlock unless I swiped it really quickly. Assuming there was just some dirt on it, I didn't think much about it, until I tried to play a game and part of the screen wouldn't respond. Then, I tried to type something using the keyboard and not all of the letters would respond, either. The part of the screen that wouldn't respond during the game (and I tried a few other games, too) is just a little up and to the right of the center of the screen.

I tried turning my ipod on and off and resetting it, and neither worked. Is there anything else I can try, or do I have to send it in to Apple?

13" Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    This related iPhone article: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1827 provides general tips that may resolve the issue. If they don't, the iPod touch will most likely need service.

    This webpage: http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/service/faq/ provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about iPod service.

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    I purchased online through Apple Store a refurbished 16GB iPod Touch along with a rubberized protective case (just covers the back side) in early December 09. Within a week I noticed intermittent problems with the right side of the screen not responding. I eventually removed the rubberized protective case and it seemed as if the problem went away, so I assumed it was because the rubberized protective case was too tight. However, very intermittently it still happens, as it has just a about an hour ago, after trying to update a app, the unit was getting very warm, and of course the right side was not responsive, once the update was complete, I shut it down and after about 30 minutes of non use, the right side was once again responding. It seems to me that it is being caused by the processor working hard, and heat build up.
    I have another question that revolves around the FAQ's listed in the previous reply, if I take it in to my local Apple Store, is it correct that they will hand me a replacement on the spot, or will it have to be sent in for repairs??
    --------- FROM FAQ's ---------
    3. Will the data on my iPod be preserved?
    No. You will receive a replacement iPod that will not contain any of your data, songs, or after-market personalizations. Before you submit your iPod for service, it is your responsibility to keep a separate backup copy of the data stored on your iPod and reinstall that data.