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Hi there, after a lot of machine bought and sold as control surface in an attempt to control your logic synths or mixer, I finally decided to use my mouse everywere. Less trouble. For now. Most of you probably know what I mean, control surfaces are often a pain in the a**.

So Now Im looking at the new IPAD, and I think for myself:

"Hey Dear Mr Jobb, your new IPAD may being criticized a lot, but think about it a second: you integrate the IPAD into logic so we can interconnect our big machine(like a mac pro) and the IPAD via Bluetooth, so you can open, lets say, the mixer into the IPAD, or a softsynth?"

No kidding. A good control surface worth 2 grants, and it dosent even do the job completely. Why not turning the IPAD into the best controle surface ever made???
That would fit perfectly on the side of my P90, showing a NI Massive interface that I can mess with, or a mixer for live shows, or either an EQ/Comp/lim that I can hold in my hand while walking into a theatre to fix the whole room sound?

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