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i am using the same ipod i have had for years on the same computer i have had for years and as of yesterday i cannot sync(move) anything from my itunes library to my ipod when connected?..does anyone have a clue what the problem is?

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    This might be too obvious an answer but have you checked your iPod and iTunes settings to make sure nothing has changed? Connect your iPod and click on it's icon in the iTunes source list (the narrow pane on the left). This will bring up the preferences tabs in the main pane on the right. The first tab you'll see is Summary, look for "manually manage songs and videos", if there is a check mark there then the iPod is set to update manually and you have to drag songs from the iTunes library to the iPod to load them on. If you want to sync automatically you need to remove the check mark from there (I would also remove the "enable disk use" check mark unless you want to use the iPod as a removable storage device) and click the Apply button in the right hand corner. Also check the iTunes preferences, go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices and see if the box "Disable automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods" is checked.

    If it's not set to manual and automatic syncing is not disabled and still won't sync then try restoring your iPod. Restoring will erase the iPod's hard drive, reload the software and put it back to default settings. Once the restore is complete follow the on screen instructions to name the iPod and automatically sync your songs and videos onto the fresh installation. Press Done and the iPod will appear in iTunes and start to sync. If you want to update manually or using selected playlists uncheck the box beside the sync automatically instruction and press Done, it will default to manual mode and you can choose whatever setting you like: Restoring iPod to factory settings with iTunes
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    thanks for the reply and the suggestions but yes i have done all that. what is happening is when i click and drag a song from the library to my ipod, like ive done a million times before , there is no green plus sign and it just bounces right back to the library?

    amy thoughts?
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    *when i click and drag a song from the library to my ipod,*

    That's not syncing, that's managing an iPod manually. Your original post said that you couldn't sync the iPod. Syncing is when you add or delete songs from iTunes and the change is automatically made to the iPod when you connect. Have you the iPod set to manual management? Unless you have you won't be able to drag songs from the library.
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    it is set to manualy manage music that is how I have done it since day one..I cant drag anything to any location on the left..be it my ipod or any playlist for that matter.