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Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)
Assume a Server-entry in Mail is out of duty; though Mail trys to send email. I want to stop - but how to do?
Whether Command- period (was for decades the way) or Escape stops the application to doing.

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  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)
    Who ever do his work as a programmer should be set on showing wellspeaking cursor and the possibility to stop an action of an application as soon as it is undangerous for machine and staorage.

    _____ regards, Karl
  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)

    Quit Mail, if running, and in the Finder open Home/Library/Mail/Mailboxes and locate the Outbox.mbox folder. Delete this folder, relaunch Mail, and when you next compose and send a new message, Mail will create a new one.

    Holding down the Shift key while clicking to launch Mail will prevent lots of things from happening, but not sure whether it applies to a message caught in the Outbox and not yet sent.

  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)
    Thank you, Ernie,

    „Holding down the Shift key while clicking to launch… “ is often used, but I am not familiar with (very old user ;)).
    I asked in generall for the the case I invoked a task and want to stop it, like sending a mail for the case, a inactive serverentry is chosen. Mail trys for minutes and I can just twiddle my thumbs....

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  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)

    To clarify -- holding down the Shift key while clicking on the Mail icon to launch it (assumes Mail is not running) prevents Mail from trying to open any previous email or mailbox. What I meant was that I could not say whether it would stop Mail from trying to send a message that cannot be sent.

    But if thing are normal, but you want to stop a slow sending message, click on Window in the menubar and choose Activity. In that resulting window you can click to stop certain actions, including sending. Normally Mail should quickly tell you that a particular SMTP cannot be used, and offer a chance to change that? Are you getting any message about not being able to send?

  • curious r Level 1 (10 points)
    Thank you Ernie!

    I had the same problem. I tried to send an email with what was probably a file too large to handle.

    Wholly Rod