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I'm having a difficult time trying to find a way to contact apple with some technical problems with itunes. is there an email or way to email? I've been looking around apple support and contact us pages, but i still cannot find a way to email them. please help!

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  • the fiend Level 6 (8,135 points)
    The recommended way to resolve difficulties is to use this forum and quite frankly, it's a better bet than "contacting Apple".

    What exactly is the problem? If your problem does need specific help from Apple, such as getting fixed under warranty (or even out of warranty), then soemone here will be able to point you in the right direction. Don't forget, there are many different parts to Apple, so even if you do need to contact them, you still need to go to the correct place.

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    And to answer your specific question, Apple does not provide technical support via email except for issues specifically with the iTunes Store. For issues other that with the iTunes Store, you have to call Apple technical support if you want assistance directly from Apple. Note that the call may not be free.

    I would echo Phil's suggestion; post details about your issue here (you'll probably want to start a new topic so that the subject line will apply to the problem) and it's quite likely that someone here will be able to help. There are a number of people who participate here that I would stack up against any of Apple's technical support staff in terms of expertise and ability to help solve a problem.

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    Seriously, how difficult is it for them to post an email address??? Sometimes, that's the easiest ways for their customers to contact them. It's completely rediculous.
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    As I said, Apple has decided not to provide technical support via email. Having spent a number of years doing support, I tend to agree with their decision. It's very, very difficult to provide effective support via email; phone or in-person help is far better.
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    They won't reply beyond a form letter, but the way I email them any sort of iTunes inquries are as follows: Go to an old email from iTunes that is a receipt from a purchase you made on iTunes. Within the email, there is a link that says "report a problem". This, of course, refers to only music/media download issues, but they WILL respond to an email sent from that link.
    Worse case scenario, they will refer you to the correct link/email from that point. Good luck.