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Before I start, FYI I already know a solution to the problem I am going to list but I do not think that it is the right solution though.

Okay so recently, I have been having trouble opening up my iTunes application. It seems as if nothing happens when I try to open it. However, it does appear to be running when I check the processes in task manager.

The application does however open up say around 30 mins to 1 hr later from the time I tried to open the application, having done nothing, not even trying to open it again within that timespan.

This happens on my computers running on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit editions. However, it seems to work perfectly fine on a computer running on windows 7 home premium 32 bit edition.

So I tried the restricting startup and services method found in the troubleshooting section and it led me to the Bonjour program/service.

I understand that this application is installed together with iTunes but however, it seems to be the one causing my iTunes to open up "weirdly". As for now, I have uninstalled the program and all is working fine now.

Lastly, this happened sometime mid of last december if i recall correctly. Before that, my iTunes was working perfectly fine on the same OS.

I would like to seek any answers as to why this is the case. Thank you.

Windows 7, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit