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Since about a week ago, I have been able to access the iTunes Store, but unable to sign in or purchase any songs. When i try to do this, the +Accessing iTunes Store+ bar hangs... I think it may be a due to a poor internet connection but I'm not sure.

Windows XP
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    I also have an Apple TV that is just hanging on the spinning gears "Accessing iTunes Store". I have a great internet and local network up and running and am streaming my iTunes library to the Apple TV from my Mac Pro successfully. I am trying to not only purchase but to download/check for updates but can't.
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    Same here. This has been going on for about a week. I have no trouble accessing any other internet resources, so I don't think it's an internet connection issue.
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    I thought I was alone, same issue. Purchases made in iTunes on the Mac sync OK and play but cannot purchase directly from Apple TV. Did update iTunes my Mac recently. Can't see how this is related though.

    My internet connection is solid so it's not that either.
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    OK, have dug around a bit more and got a bit further.

    After resetting my Apple TV this is what I get:

    Tried to download a couple of freebies - Lost in 8:15, 24 series 8 sneek peek etc. and it worked perfectly.

    Tried to buy a song: The "cannot connect to the iTunes Store - Please try again later" message appears.

    Tried to buy the same song again: got the "You have already purchased this song" and the prompt to check for downloads.

    Went to downloads - check for downloads - my song downloaded immediately.

    Did this with another song and got the same thing.

    It's not perfect but at least it's better. Would prefer paid for content to download straight away.

    Resetting Apple TV guide here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3180
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    I also cannot access my ITunes account and its been about a week, it won't work on my PC, Iphone or Apple TV's - same symptoms as you, this suggests rather strongly that its an account problem. It's been 3 days since I asked Apple to look the account, apparently the only people who can administer the account are in California and you can only contact them via e-mail (to which they have yet to respond).very annoying, I am starting to think it's better to buy cd's and dvd's.
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    Thanks, bemat.

    Resetting my Apple TV using the remote as described in the KB article you linked did the trick. It actually worked better than you describe, as a movie rental went immediately to download without any need to manually check for it.

    I also want to mention that I had tried resetting the Apple TV via the menu selection, and that made no difference at all. Following the KB method makes a difference.