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I have my Gmail account synced to the Mail function on my iPhone and two days ago started having an issue with it. Not the Gmail application, the main Mail setting that is standard on all iPhones. Even though I am 100% positive that my username and password are correct (even entering and re-entering several times), I get an error message that "username or password is incorrect." I am not receiving emails for this account on any other device and everything worked perfectly up until two days ago.


iPhone, iPhone OS 3.0
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    Try resetting your phone. If that doesn't work try turning the account off and then back on again. If that doesn't work try deleting the account and then setting it up again.
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    Gmail is famous for locking accounts that are setup on mobile devices. They do this to stop spammers. You have to prove you're the account owner & not some computer spammer. Go here, do this, it's a captcha unlock, see if things work after this:

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    I've had the same problem for a while with both my gmail and MobileRSS reader app that syncs with GReader. It only blocks my access from the phone mail client and MobileRSS - if I access gmail or greader via the Safari browser on the phone, or any other device, it logs in just fine.

    I did just do the captcha unlock and it's working again on the phone for now. Problem is, I'm an airline pilot and frequently access my account from several different locations in a day. I think that increases the frequency with which I have to do the captcha thing, which is rather annoying. I guess if that's all I have to do and then it works every time I can live with it, but I don't like it.