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Hey everyone!
It seems that at some point or another I accidentally told Safari to never remember my password for Ebay. It simply won't ask me anymore. I know that on my Mac I can go to Keychain, but what's the fix for this on a PC?

I did make sure I have the remember passwords button checked, and I know that you can use that feature for Ebay (not disabled by the website).


HP Pavilion, Windows Vista
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    I wonder if this works a bit like the "default browser" dialog box? Recently we got someone past having accidentally checked the "Don't ask me that question again" checkbox in one of those by rebuilding the com.apple.Safari plist file.

    If you're game to try that, here's how to do it on a Vista box.

    (1) Quit Safari if you have it open
    (2) Go Start > Open.
    (3) In the Organize menu, click Folder and Search Options.
    (4) Click the View tab.
    (5) Make sure that Show hidden files and folders is selected.
    (6) Click OK.
    (7) Go Start > Computer.
    (8) In Computer open Local Disk C:
    (9) Open the Users folder.
    (10) Open the folder with the name of the Vista/7 user account in which Safari has lost the Action Menu.
    (11) Open the AppData folder.
    (12) Open the Roaming folder.
    (13) Open the Apple Computer folder.
    (14) Open the Preferences folder.
    (15) Drag the com.apple.Safari plist file out onto the Desktop.
    (16) Launch Safari. (This will rebuild the com.apple.Safari plist file.)

    After the "Welcome to Safari" thingy has stopped playing, try logging on to eBay again. Do you get asked about remembering the password with the fresh com.apple.Safari plist in place?
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    Followed it to the t (well, almost, my hidden files are already shown)

    While that did reset all of my settings (well, some of them) it didn't ask to remember my password when trying to log into Ebay.
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    Well, so much for the minimally invasive possibility.

    Do you have a lot of passwords stored in Safari at the moment? (The next things I can think of that might be worth a shot would quite possibly blank all your passwords.)
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    I feared a reset... I have a TON of passwords stored, though I can probably go through and write them down and do it. Thanks!
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    Whoa! Hang on a sec! I think I might have found a way to do this without mucking up all the other passwords. Just tested it on my gmail password. (After having clicked the "never remember" option.)

    Bring up your menu bar in Safari. Go "Edit > preferences", and click "Autofill".

    Click the "Edit" button next to "User names and passwords". Select the ebay line in there and click "Remove". Click "Done".

    Log in to ebay. Do you get your dialog box back again after you've entered the password?
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    Ebay isn't listed as one of the sites under 'saved passwords'

    Thanks for all the help so far
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    Drat ... if it worked for Gmail, why not ebay? (Excuse me for talking to myself.)

    Okay ... walking through what I did in detail, in case that gives us any clues. I sign out of Gmail, I try signing back on. After putting in the email address and the password, I check the "never remember" thingy. I go into the Autofill preferences, click the Edit button next to "User names and passwords". There's an entry in there:

    https://www.google.com (under "Website") Passwords not saved (Under "User name")

    When I select that and click remove, the next time I try to log back into Gmail, I get the dialog (immediately after I've typed in the password and hit enter).

    Are there any urls in your "User names and passwords" that look like they might have an ebay connection? Especially any that have *Passwords not saved* written next to them, under "User Name"?
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    Ok, something is up here. It's not listed at all. I see other sites which say 'never rememeber' but nothing for ebay.