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Hi, I turned on my laptop this morning to find that for some reason it has reset itself and when I opent iTunes, it had lost everything I had loaded into it, all my purcheses, songs I had uploated to it, all my playlists are gone as well as all the apps have purchased, how do I sync with my phone so that iTunes will pickup everything on my phone instead of the other way around? Please help.....

not sure, Windows Vista
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    With audio/video content such as music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts, the data will sync only from the computer to the device. You will not be able to modify this type of content from the iPhone/iPod touch. All changes will need to be made in iTunes or the computer that is syncing with the device. The one exception is Applications. Applications can be removed from the iPhone without connecting to iTunes.

    If purchased content is synced to your iPhone or iPod touch is not found on your computer the next time you sync, iTunes will offer to transfer these items back to your computer. Your computer must be authorized to use your iTunes Store account for this feature to work.

    Otherwise you will have to Google if there is a way to copy from iPhone to Computer.
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    It doesn't really work the other way around. It would be easier if you just reloaded all your iTunes stuff from your backup drive. You can re-download your purchased apps from the app store and anything you bought from iTunes on your phone can be transferred to your computer. There are some 3rd party programs (google it) that might help you too.

    Just curious, was anything else gone from your computer besides your iTunes stuff? I've never heard of a PC "resetting" itself. Interesting.
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    I'm in serious trouble then, I have never used iTunes until November when I got my iPhone and didn't realize that I could back it up, therefore, I don't have a backup for it, how do you do that?

    Also, as for the computer resetting itself, I'm not exactly sure what happened. I usually leave the computer on and just close the lid, but the other night I thought I would shut it down and give it a break. When I restarted it the next morning, it came up with the welcome screen, and said, contrats on your new computer. It was as though it did a master reset on its own. All my hard drive content is there, but any programs have to be reinstalled. I tried rebooting, and it did the same thing all over again, it seems like when its turned off, it forgets everything, not quite sure how to fix it either. Not having any luck getting information from Dell.