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Please help me. Not sure when/how this happened or what led to it, however :-

My I-tunes stopped working, so it advised I should un-install and re-install the program. I've read all the help avail on I-tunes and M'soft. I've un-installed all related programs, installed the M'soft install cleanup wizard, I am positive I've removed all installation files that may be hidden.

It STILL says, once I re-download the 64 (and/or the 32bit) version, that:

"Apple Application Support was not found.
Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again. Error 2."

Please help.
What do I do?

Thanks in advance,
(PS I just watched True Blood for the first time and i'm hanging to buy some more episodes, if some1 could reply.. that would be great!!!)

Alienware MX17, Windows Vista, 64bit
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    I've read all the help avail on I-tunes and M'soft. I've un-installed all related programs

    Hmmmm. Unfortunately, at the time that I write this post, the Apple documentation on "verifying that iTunes and related componentry is uninstalled" *is inaccurate for 64-bit systems.* The program files are in different locations than on 32-bit systems.

    So, just to be sure, we'll try going over the uninstall/reinstall of iTunes and Apple Application Support one more time, with accurate instructions on checking that program files have been completely removed. We'll take a few other explicit precautions along the way, too.


    Download and save a fresh 64-bit iTunes installer to your hard drive. (Don't run the install on line and don't start the iTunes install just yet.)


    Now, quit QuickTime (if you have that open) and Safari 4.0.4 (if you have that installed and open). Both applications use Apple Application Support, and they will interfere with the uninstall if you have them open.

    *Uninstall phase*

    Head into your "Uninstall a Program" control panel. Uninstall iTunes. Uninstall Apple Application Support (if an entry exists in there for that).

    (From this point on until we reinstall Apple Application Support, neither QuickTime nor Safari 4.0.4 will be able to run.)

    Next we'll remove any leftover program files and folders.

    (1) Open "Local Disk (C:)" or whichever drive your program files are stored on.
    (2) Open the "Program Files (x86)" folder.
    (3) Right-click on the iTunes folder (if it still exists) and select "Delete".
    (4) *Staying in Program files (x86),* find and open the "Common files" folder.
    (5) Open the "Apple" folder.
    (6) Right-click on the Apple Application Support folder (if it still exists) and select "Delete".
    (7) Go back to "Local Disk (C:)" or whichever drive your program files are stored on.
    (8) Open the "Program Files" folder.
    (9) Right-click on the iTunes folder (if it still exists) and select "Delete".

    Now empty your Recycle Bin and restart the PC.

    *Reinstall Phase*

    After the PC restarts, do not open any other applications. Disconnect from your network and/or the internet. Switch off all your security software (firewall, antivirus and antispyware).

    Now start the install by doubleclicking the iTunes64Setup.exe file you downloaded earlier.

    Reenable all security software prior to reconnecting to your network and/or the internet.

    Did the install seem to go through okay? If so, does iTunes start launching properly again?
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    The difference with everything I tried before and this time -

    Turning off all internet security software during install.

    There were no other files in the Program folders and I've restarted and turned off the internet before. But you hit the nail on the head with the interference with the internet protection software.

    You have rocked my world - i was so frustrated for the past couple of weeks trying to get this to work.

    Oh, and i remember why this all started - I wanted to purchase True Blood episodes and iTunes wouldn't let me until I installed the newer version, it then said I had to un-install the old version.

    Two weeks later... lol!

    THANKS again
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    Woohoo! Excellent news. Glad you're up and running again.

    (I like the Charlaine Harris books the series was based on ... fingers crossed the series will be good too.)
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    Please help me too! The same exact thing happened to me, but in the middle of installing iTunes a thing popped up saying error and some numbers, letters, and signs and it said "please refer to help and support" or something like that AS WELL as the error 2 message when attempting to open iTunes. With the other pop up it continues the installation process. I followed your instructions exactly but it didn't change at all. Did I do something wrong? Please let me know as soon as possible so I can put my new iPod touch on my laptop!.