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This morning I discovered a folder in my Picture folder called iPod Photo Cache on my Hard Drive. It is taking up a lot of space on my hard drive and more importantly, my iPhone, upwards of 700mb, and I don't know what is creating it or why it's being created, but when I delete the folder, it doesn't let me sync the photos in that folder to my phone.

Can anyone help and tell me how to fix this? I've had my iPhone over a year and it's only done this over the past few days, I'm thinking it started when I upgraded to iTunes 9, but I'm not entirely sure.



iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    You should be able to delete that cache & the next time you sync, it will be recreated. This support article tell you how to delete it:

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    Yes, but it's copying itself to both my iPhone and my hard drive. I don't want it on my phone, all my photos have already been resized to fit the dimensions of my phone, and have lost no quality in the process. I want that space for music, videos, or other photos, not duplicate significantly larger versions of photos I already have.

    Until today, or I guess last week, my photos only took up about 250 mb on my phone, now it's over 1GB. My photos take up more space than my video which is completely and totally unnecessary.
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    sw112 wrote:
    all my photos have already been resized to fit the dimensions of my phone,

    Perhaps this is your problem, as the sync process for photos includes an optimization process of such photos for display on the iphone regardless of whether you re-size them or not. Why don't you try removing all the photos from your phone, deleting that cache, not re-sizing & syncing your photos back. See if that improves things.
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    All were resized by hand in Photoshop, so that's not an option.

    This hasn't been a problem until now and I'm getting really irritated by it, I've been doing this over a year.

    I've already done what you suggested, and nothing changed. Done it several times now.
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    What OS are you using? The reason I ask is that in OSX you have an application called isync, and under preferences you can reset your sync history. Sometimes doing this can clear up problems like you're experiencing. You could try removing all photos from your phone, resetting your sync history, deleting the photo cache again, rebooting your computer & syncing back your photos. See if things improve. Outside of that, I'm out of suggestions.
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    I'm on Windows XP
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    I have no idea how to reset sync history in XP, & thus can't offer advice. However, my post will keep this on the first page so that others with knowledge about windows may see such and advise you.