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What is the best way to share media from the Mac to my Stereo Receiver? Both the receiver and the Mac are connected to my router via ethernet. On my old Windows XP machine I enabled file sharing via Windows Media Player, and the receiver can see all the files on that computer. I enabled file sharing on the Mac, but the receiver cannot "see" the mac on the network. File sharing has worked fine for PC to Mac file transfers, and iTunes sharing works, so I think my sharing settings are OK. I did download WMP for Mac, but it appears to not have anywhere near the functionality as WMP for Windows. I assume I need some third party media server software. Recommendations?

27' iMAC
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    Could do with a bit more info on which media player it is, it's quite possible that iTunes or similar would need a plug in to recognise it.
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    I wasnt specific because I have several devices that can play served media:

    1) Yamaha RX-V3900 stereo
    2) Sony PS3
    3) Direct TV HD-DVR (HR20)

    All of these devices could access the media on my windows computer when I enabled file sharing via WMP. None of these devices can "see" the Mac.
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    I tried most of the programs referenced at the site above. I had trouble with all of them. Some would just not run. I've had partial success with Twonky media. The PS3 and Yamaha receiver can play the music files fine. But, the DTV HDDVRs cannot. They can "see" the iMac and folders and tracks, but cannot play the tracks. All the tracks have an "X" in front of them. Twonky is on a 30 day trial. Before I shell out for software that only partially works for me, does anyone have an idea as to why it is not working with the DVR? For reference, Windows Media Player works fine with my PC and DTV DVR. I wrote to TM customer support, but they have not replied.