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I leave my Macbook on my bed a lot connected to my charger (I know, I shouldn't do it but I do) and I fell asleep, when I woke up, I had a burn on my arm and I know it was from my charger because it over heats alot, and it hurts to touch.

I was wondering is this normal?
Or should I try and get a new charger?

This has happened to me more than once.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    No, it's normal for MagSafe chargers. The chargers give off a lot of heat, and there are posts on this forum where the charger burned holes in the bed covering:


    Perhaps you could put the charger and the laptop on one of those special heat-absorbing pads:
    http://www.amazon.com/ThermaPAK-Laptop-Cooling-HeatShift-15-4/dp/B001CBFTFM/ref= pdcp_e1
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    what you mean normal?

    I just noticed a few minutes ago that my magsafe was not firmly placed and it was moving (and so it was stopping charging from time to time), so I touched it to remove and apply again, just in case I did put it wrong, and it was so **** hot, that almost burned my fingertips!

    I removed it immediately and put it up again, it remained short of hot but I was able to touch it, now its is pretty "touchable" and no hot at all, even if it is charging the laptop.

    So what the **** was that? Did it drains more power when it needs? I was playing Myst Uru online at the time of the incident. Now I'm browsing the net about the problem.

    If it is just some "heavy duty drain" issue I can just forget about it, since I have nothing to fear since I don't place any heavy works on my macbook.

    I just want to know that I will not find my home burned (or even get myself burned while sleeping) if I forgot my laptop on plug.
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    Hi Nitro912gr,

    Any particular reason you opted to go against what is printed in owner's manual for the computer? Here's some pretty valuable excerpts:

    *Proper handling*

    +Set up your MacBook on a stable work surface that allows for adequate air circulation under and around the computer. Do not operate your MacBook on a pillow or other soft material, as the material can block the airflow vents. Never place anything over the keyboard when operating your MacBook. Never push objects into the ventilation openings.+

    +The bottom of your MacBook may become very warm during normal use. If your MacBook is on your lap and gets uncomfortably warm, move it to a stable work surface.+

    *60W MagSafe Power Adapter*

    +Make sure the AC plug or AC power cord is fully inserted into the power adapter before plugging the adapter into a power outlet. Use only the power adapter that came with your MacBook, or an Apple-authorized power adapter that is compatible with this product. The power adapter may become very warm during normal use. Always put the power adapter directly into a power outlet, or place it on the floor in a well-ventilated location.+

    Should your power adapter burn you? Absolutely not. Should it react outside of how Apple intended it if it's not used properly? Absolutely.
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    Sorry I didn't explained the situation very well.

    Let's get it over.

    I have the laptop on me but with a hard surface between me and it (a large hard covered book this time) so I do not block any ventilators here and even keep the laptop on a hard and colder than my cloths, surface. What I touched and get burnt it was not the adapter itself but the magnetic end where the adapter connects to the laptop.

    As I noticed it rise temperature when it is not plugged in correctly and it is on a place where it moves slightly all the time, and probable it makes some short of closed circuit problem (forgive me, I have no idea how to say this in English, closed circuit situation is what it seems to me closer to what I want to say), by plug the magnetic end right, there is no problem at all.

    I just worried a bit too much as it seems, because now everything seems to be ok, I will just have to make sure every time that I have plugged it right.

    Short of troublesome however.
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    The chargers are designed to heat up. This is why (depening if you have a new macbook) they charge up so quickly. The matietral used to make the chargers can withstand over 80 degrees heat, If you get the manual and check up in the battery, then it warns you that it gets hot. It shouldnt be so hot that you can't pick it up, therefore i suggest you get yourself a new charger, these arnt cheap mind. And please don't leave it on your bed, That's just asking for something to happen.

    You need to charge your computer up until it's full, if you constantly leave it on charge when you don't need to then your actually causing you battery to overwork its self. The idea is, charge it up, then when you have drain it.