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  • Dianina Level 1 (0 points)
    Sadly, no one has had my problem. Yesterday, after downloading the update (both for the iPod and iTunes) and installed them, everything was going fine- I kept listening to music from my iPod through iTunes. This morning, I was gonna put on music through my iPod and it was all gone! Videos, too! I connected it to my laptop thinking that maybe it synced automatically (my music is NOT on my iTunes Library). When the iPod shows up on iTunes, to my big surprise, has ALL the music, playlists and videos! But, when I'm looking it up on the iPod it self, it says it has NON!! I seriously need some help before I restore it and it gets even more messed up!

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    Everything else is working fine on the iPod- apps are working just fine, and my pictures are still there completely untouched. The only problem is the music and videos, which wont show on iPod but when connected to iTunes.
  • jimimac 60 Level 1 (15 points)
    It may be stating the obvious but I hope users who are having issues after updating iTunes 9.0.3 and iPhone/iPod Touch 3.1.3 have completed the feedback form in iTunes.

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  • mangogirl35 Level 1 (0 points)
    Why isn't Apple addressing this? I am sure they are getting thousands of calls about this. A simple message acknowledging that they majorly messed up and are working on it would suffice.
  • rwdoherty Level 1 (0 points)
    During install, iPod froze. Responds to nothing.
  • lsrxc Level 1 (0 points)
    Managed to 'fix' the frozen Itunes-USB screen on my Itouch by:
    - Locating another PC that is not used for regular Itunes sync.
    - Re-install Itunes on this PC.
    - Connect bricked Itouch to this PC.
    - Hit 'restore' as Itunes recognized the unit on this PC. (no recognition of the Itouch on my 'regular' PC.)
    - To proceed, I had to accept the 3.1.3 update.
    - Restore basically 'reformatted' the Itouch.
    - Went back to my 'regular PC'
    - Connected the Itouch to the regular PC. It finally recognized the unit.
    - Re-sync. Success.

    I'll un-install Itunes on my 'lifeboat' PC in case this eventually happens again. It's not the cleanest fix, and I hope they can run some QC on updates before making them available.
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    Found a work-around for the empty smart playlist issue - not a completely satisfactory one, but a work-around.

    Two part: first - empty smart playlists must be deleted and remade as new.

    second - it appears the empty lists were all ones that had more than one parameter, for example: genre=world + genre=Latin + genre=Caribbean. List was set to match ANY, list was full in iTunes, but empty in iTouch. By changing genre for each group of songs to include "world" ("Latin" songs become "world Latin" songs)then rebuilding Smartlist to have only one parameter "world" then re-synching, the list was filled on the iTouch.

    Real pain in the a$$, but I managed to refill all the smartlists. Hope they issue a fix before I buy new music and have to doctor all the individual song info.
  • lucius-1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Now reading all this tells me something about the company. They dont give two hoots about your or i. What they see is a small percentage of people that are having problems with their product. However in the bigger scheme of things that small percentage mean nothing to them.
    Any way i have seen enough on here to make me want to go back to Sony once i fix this piece of junk and plogged it to some unweary member of the public on Ebay.

    How come YOU had to sort this mess out, why have'nt Apple posted something on their site saying there MAY be problems. and show us how to fix it.

  • denali_uk Level 1 (15 points)
    Alex Ott wrote:
    Yep, I have the same issue - some of smart playlists not shown on iPod, although their content is transferred to iPod. Although this update fixed previous issue, when playlists weren't updated dynamically on iPod

    The last couple of updates have been a nightmare. From your message this latest one sounds as though it might have fixed my main problem with 3.1.2 which was that Live Updating wasn't working on my iPod Touch 3G.

    Can someone with a Touch 3G who's done this upgrade please confirm that a Live Updating Smart Playlist with multiple rules, one of which is 'Play Count=0', will have music tracks drop from it as and when they are played on the iPod without having to sync with iTunes?

    If this is working in 3.1.3 I will upgrade, otherwise I'm sticking with 3.1.2 which has problems of its own but is "better the Devil you know."
  • JimPar Level 1 (0 points)
    I installed 3.1.3 and having trouble with Smart-playlist not showing up on the iPOD Touch. All the music comes across OK but the playlist itself is missing.

    I've gotten it to work couple of times but the next time it syncs it is gone again.

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    I have a Smart Playlist with a PlayCount=0 and a media kind = music and it works "sometimes".

    So I just changed a Smart PL it it just worked. I wonder it you edit a playlist just before syncing that might work. I'll try a couple times and see what I find out.
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    I just spoke to customer service and they told me that they have received no word on how to resolve this from higher up and that of course in the future never update when it first comes out because there are always problems.

    The only solution for those of us who have the iPod stuck in restore mode is to take it to an Apple Store or send it in. They have told me I would get a new one.
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    I've had issues with my itouch since buying a new computer. Itunes always says it needs a factory restore but nothing ever works. Since then I only ever use the itouch on the old computer - where it works perfectly.

    Today I downloaded the new itunes and figured I'd try the itouch on this new computer. It worked, it synced, it was fine. Then I bought the Haiti single and again it synced beautifully - until I tried to access any music. It automatically goes into "updating library" and then although everything is there, I cannot access anything as when I select it, it thinks and then goes back to the main screen.

    I have NOT put the new software onto the itouch yet - all I've done is the new itunes. So what the heck is going on?!

    I've just plugged the itouch into the old computer (with old version of itunes) to try and sync it there. sigh
  • jayjay27 Level 1 (0 points)
    i lost an album when i upgraded plus i carn't now stream videos from the internet. all it shows is code now and don't know how to sort this. can anybody help please
  • Hypoid Level 1 (0 points)
    I updated my iPod 2g to 3.0 and have had nothing but problems with my smart playlists syncing and live updating. I update every time they issue them for both iTunes and the pod - hoping somebody at Apple is listening. They're not. I installed 3.1.3 and 9.0.3 hoping it would magically fix my problems but it didn't. I did try it with an Alpine car stereo and at least it did not break the head unit control like others on this post. I also visited my local Apple Genius today and he said he really had no way to fix it and that the software does not support live updating at this time. So much for smart playlists. Has
    everyone having these problems upgraded from a 1g or 2g or are the 3g's having problems as well. Also forgot to mention podcast scrolling is better but not like 2.1 my pod came with.
  • Hypoid Level 1 (0 points)
    I forgot to add this link-

    I hope everyone that has problems uses this to get Apples attention. It seemed to work getting back the dark background in iTunes 9.0.3 .
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