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I have a question regarding apps and switching countries. All my music is now DRM-free so I'm not fussed about that, I know it will play regardless.

My scenario is this:

Let's take an app purchase. I am logged into my one iTunes account, with my country set to Switzerland and using my Swiss credit card.

1. I buy the app. All is well. When an update is released I can download it no problem, free as usual.
2. I move back to the UK. As you might think, you have a new UK address and a new UK credit card, so you *change country to UK* in your account settings.

Do the apps that I originally purchased while living in Switzerland update without any issues now I have changed country to the UK? Or are they subject to the same ridiculous geographical restrictions and will Apple force me to re-purchase these apps in order to get updated versions?

Just to be clear this is not about having multiple accounts for different countries. It is regarding _changing country in your existing one iTunes account_.


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