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Got Duplicate Logic 9 Apps after upgrade from LP8. Here are the details -

Logic pro (9.1 32 bit)
Logic pro 8
Logic pro 9.0.0

and 3 mainstage

Mainstage 1
Mainstage 2.0.0 (That doesnt work properly)

Also either Logic pro, or logic pro 9.0.0 was coming up with a re-wire message saying 'Logic should be opened first before re-wire??' when i have nothing open??

Any ideas?


MacPro x2 2.8 Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Bee Jay Level 6 (10,895 points)
    Keep the versions you want, delete the versions you don't want.
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    Cheers for that, i'm just a bit concerned that when the logic 9.1 loads up it says 32 bit. Is that correct? I am running snow leopard on a 64 bit mac pro
  • immo Level 4 (1,850 points)
    You need to switch to 64bit from Logic Pro.app's Get Info window…

    Here's how to>> [32bit vs 64 bit|http://www.nedwebserver.com/ned-web/logic107&asv=1&popup&site=MPV&sid=b4kci 3cv4pal6fksdmbtj8h117]
  • Bee Jay Level 6 (10,895 points)
    It runs as 32-bit by default unless you've asked it to run as 64-bit, as Immo posted.
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    Very informative link, thanks very much. Just unchecked the 32 bit on Logic & Mainstage from the 'get info' pane. Now lets unleash the true power of my macpro!
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    Whenever Apple does an update to Logic, the update renames the old version of Logic (and its associated applications) by putting the old version number at the end of the name:

    - Logic Node 9.0.0.app
    - Logic Pro 9.0.0.app
    - Main Stage 2.0.0.app

    Below each of these is the updated version without a number at the end of the name:

    - Logic Node.app
    - Logic Pro.app
    - Main Stage.app

    Apple Logic Support told me that Apple has always updated Logic this way, just in case the user had created projects with plug-ins that were not compatible with the updated versions. If that is not a problem, it is OK to simply delete the old Logic Node 9.0.0.app, Logic Pro 9.0.0.app, and Main Stage 2.0.0.app.

    This scenario will occur whenever there are updates to the above applications, until Apple decides to do it differently. This method of updating does not occur with other Pro apps such as Aperture or Final Cut.