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I recently downloaded iTunes to my work computer and authorized it with my home account.

My iTunes store at home works fine- but my one that comes up on my work computer is in another language- or is just really messed up. I have followed all the steps to change the language under preferences- and restarted it- but it didnt change. I changed my iTunes store location to the US- but the language stayed the same.

I just downloaded the new iTunes upgrade- thinking it might have just been a glitchy copy- but it still wont change language.

Its just the main headers in bold that are weird- I'm really not sure if it is another language... or if its just a jumbled mess... One says
"Khud @s sgd Ohx'k @kadqs G'kk" I have no idea what it could be! And I most of all have no idea how to fix it.

Any suggestions would help!

Dell Precision, Windows XP Pro
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    Try this Helvetica font thing

    After the store displays OK, you can move those fonts right back:

    +so I took the helvetica fonts out of my fonts folder (just moved them to my desktop), restarted itunes and the stored displayed fine (just like everyone is reporting). Since I can't work without those fonts I put them back in the fonts folder, restarted itunes and my pc and the itunes store still displays fine.+