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I'm a big Excel user, and when I saw the capability to horizontal scroll with the magic mouse under Excel for Mac - it was just something I "had to have".

Unfortunately, I work 99% of the time under Windows XP using bootcamp. There all the functions of the magic mouse work except the horizontal scoll in XL2003. (Actually I can't get the horizontal scroll to work in Chrome or Safari either)

I've updated all my bootcamp drivers to 3.1 (which supposedly addressed support issues for magic mouse) but haven't been able to get that horizontal scroll to work.

Has anybody gotten the magic mouse horizontal scroll to work in XL2003 under XP?

Any help greatly appreciated

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody, Windows XP, Boot Camp User
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    Same issue here,

    Yesterday, I went to Apple store to test this in Windows 7 running through bootcamp 3.1 and in vain. Horizontal scrolling only worked in Notepad. It failed in MS Office and IE8.

    We even tried various bluetooth mouse drivers from Microsoft website but no luck.

    Anyone who can offer a solution to this would be greatly apppreciated.