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I have been saving my money up for sometime now to purchase either a new macbook pro or a new macbook air. I have been constantly checking the internet for any news regarding when the new releases of the macbook pro/air will be available. I was hoping that Apple would announce news regarding the new versions of the macbook when they presented the iPad but as you all probably know this did not happen.

My question is as follows: I do not want to purchase my new macbook until the new releases come out. With that being said I am growing impatient and have heard little news regarding this subject (presumably because of all the hype surrounding the iPad). Thus, could any of you more informed Apple analysts give me a ballpark figure on when you expect to see the new versions of the macbook pro/air for sale? I can and I will wait a couple of additional weeks for the new releases but I might cave in and buy one now if it is going to be a while before the new versions are released.

John Michael
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    Hi fellow mac user,
    I heard rumors of a new macbook pro air coming out later this year but im not entirely sure...as far as macbook pros...none..although some people are discussing about the new intel processors that are supposedly going to be on future macs..
    Honestly, if you really really really "need" a laptop then might as well buy one because theres always a new laptop thats gonna be better than the other one...if not then just wait....=)
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    We cannot speculate on when new models will be coming out. It's against the rules of this forum. You need to go here and ask that question: http://forums.macrumors.com/index.php?
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions

    +I do not want to purchase my new macbook until the new releases come out+

    You're in for a very long wait then, because there will always be something better, faster, sexier, newer around the corner ...

    All hardware manufacturers operate in product cycles and you're right in thinking that if a model has been out for 18-24 months it's "likely" a revision is due, but that's a guess and nobody here knows (or if they do they are bound by NDA's not to reveal anything).

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    I'm not going to speculate on dates, but I can absolutely guarantee that it will be some time in the future, johnnymike24!

    Beyond that, it is rare (never happened, perhaps - I haven't been counting) for Apple to go a full twelve months without releasing an updated notebook since the PB100 arrived way, way, way back when quite a few of the users here were still waiting to be born or even conceived!