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I'm trying to download the latest version of the iPHone software update, but I keep getting the same error 50 - 75% of the way through the download. I get an error that says "Your network connection was reset". All other downloads work PERFECTLY in all other programs.

I've cleared my DNS, I've disabled my McAfee security software...any suggestions??

Dell Studio XPS 8000, Windows 7
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    I am having a similar problem. The iPhone software will not update.

    I can (and have) updated the most recent version of iTunes ( When that completed, it asked to download the newest iPhone software, 3.1.3. I said yes, and the download began.

    It shows 'Downloading 1 item iPhone software update (2 minutes remaining) for about thirty seconds, then the number climbs higer for a few seconds and the error message: There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone "iPhone". The network connection timed out.

    Ever since then, i get the same results and same message no matter what. I have diables firewall, virus protection, rebooted, tried to resotre instead of just update, reauthorized my computer, checked all connections (i can do other updates, surf the web uninterrupted, etc).

    I am using a wireless connection, but even the itunes update itself worked, just not the iPhone update.

    Thanks for any advice,

    EDIT: I also noticed that itunes changed from recognizing the phone as 'Jim's iPhone' to 'iPhone'

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    I am having the same problem.

    Any advice will be greatfully received!!
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    I'm getting exactly the same problem with the ipod touch software update.

    It's repeatedly getting about 50% through the download, then saying network error, and crapping out.
    (I'm connected to the office on a VPN on another PC, and the connection didn't drop, so I know it's a problem with iTunes, or whatever server it's downloading it from).

    Biggest issue is when you restart, it goes all the way back to the start again, rather than continuing from where it reached when it fell over.

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    Hello, me again. I Tried a solution that Apple suggested.

    Close iTunes, then follow from the start icon:

    Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings

    Select 'Automatically Detect Settings'

    Click OK

    Reopen iTunes

    This did not work for me. I can surf the net and I even downloaded another update to itunes, it is only the iphone software that it will not update. I get the feeling, with no evidence at all, that it thinks my iphone is a jailbreak or otherwise not legit. (This is not the case, and i would be happy to share my registration information with Apple to confirm this.)

    Just wanted to check in.