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Please help me :(!

I installed the 3.1.3 update last night and ever since, when I turn my iPod horizontally it will not go into landscape mode in Safari or Music or anything. If i watch a video or use an app that requires it to be in landscape mode it works fine, it just won't turn at my will, I know I am turning it right.

I just bought a new iPod after my other one broke after two years of use and I have only had it two weeks!

Please help me out here.

Advent Laptop, Windows Vista
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    Oh thank goodness. I thought it was just ME. My iPod is doing the exact same thing. If I use the youtube button it will rotate no problems, but any apps I have that are rotate sensitive won't work, and if I'm using Safari and try to use landscape, it won't turn. I've been looking for an answer for this ever since I noticed and can't seem to find anything about it. Last night I finally made a backup and did a system restore from it, but of course it restored it with the 3.1.3 update so fail again. Then I restored to factory specs and it still installed 3.1.3. My next try is going to be a system roll-back to 3.1.2 as soon as I figure out how to do that. If that fails and I can't get any help here, my only other solution might be to take it in to an apple store. The closest one to me is about an hour away I believe. ***** so bad.
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    Same problem!!!
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    OK all, I've had the same problem from time to time. The only thing you can do to fix it is to restore it. If you restore from a backup, you won't lose any of your settings or game data.

    Plug it in to iTunes and do the restore.
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    Thank gosh i am not the only one with the problem and yet mine has more like i have to restore it every-time i turn my touch on i just wish we could downgrade back to 3.1.2 and no i don't plan on jail breaking it or anything cause my friends touch just straight up doesn't work cause he jail broke it and now he got karma