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Hi, I recently deleted my iTunes because it had grown out of control. So I downloaded and installed a new version. But now I can't add music to my iPhone , or even delete music from it. Everything is 'shaded' out. It is recognising it, however, because I just installed the latest firmware.

Any ideas?

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    First, disable auto sync when an ipod/iphone is connected, under preferences in itunes. If you're using windows, that's under the edit menu. Make sure that the itunes account you're signed into on your phone(Settings>Store) matches the itunes account you're signed into on your computer, and that the same account was used to purchase the songs in question. Connect your phone, do not sync at this point, rather do the following:

    1. Try deauthorizing and reauthorizing your computer(under the Store menu). Repeat the deauthorization and reauthorization process for any other iTunes Store accounts for which your computer is authorized.
    2. Double-click one of your affected iTunes Store files.
    3. Enter your account name and password in the resulting dialog.
    4. Click OK.

    After you've done the above, sync your phone.
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    Since you deleted and reinstalled it, you reset your iTunes library file.

    You need to go to the iPhone menu and either click "Manually Sync Music and Videos" or go to the Music/Video tab and set up the sync.

    HOWEVER - this will delete all the music/video/app content on the iPhone and you will have to resync all the content from your iTunes library. There is no way around this as this is how the iPhone was designed to work.

    If you have apps/music/vids you purchased on your iPhone that are not in your iTunes library yet, then BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING I JUST TOLD YOU plug in the iPhone, do NOT sync, authorize your computer with iTunes under Store > Authorize, and then go to File > Transfer Purchases
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    Got it. Thanks guys!