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In iTunes, when I go to Edit/Preferences/Apple TV, nothing is listed under Apple TVs. "Look for Apple TVs" is checked. My apple TV is connected to the internet. It's connected through my Linksys wireless router. On Apple TV, I go to Computers/Connect to iTunes, & it gives me a password to enter into iTunes. Linksys found my apple TV. How can I get iTunes to find my Apple TV?

Dell, Windows XP
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    Do you have a firewall running on Windows?
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    I checked. Windows firewall is turned off.
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    I had a similar situation after the latest itunes update, I effectively had to reboot my pc, and the AppleTV to get it back in the list. I think I would shut down the pc, reboot the appletv, and then start the pc again.

    The funny thing is that it worked (it was syncing) even when it didn't show as a connected device, but even that stopped after the computer was rebooted.
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    I just tried rebooting the computer & the apple tv, & I'm still having no success. I also have the latest updates for apple tv & itunes installed.
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    I figured out the issue. Apparently Linksys was not recognizing my Apple TV even thouh Apple TV said I was connected to the internet through Linksys. I removed Apple TV from Linksys & then re-added Apple TV to Linksys. And then iTunes found Apple TV.
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    Alley_Cat, looking for your expert help please ...
    My desktop PC crashed so had to re-install Vista, but since reinstallation iTunes not recognizing my AppleTV. I've read all the forum info available on various sites, undertaken all the standard recommendations i.e. 'look for atv' ticked, turned atv, pc & router off, reset ATV to factory settings, reinstalled iTunes, firewall turned off, opened port 5353 on McAfee but still no joy. Really getting frustrated now.. laptop itunes & ATV working fine but cant get desktop to recognise... Hellllllppppp please
    Appreciate any further direction... tks Colly