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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share a trick I recently learned. As some of you may know, using the Google Sync function for calendars on an iPhone or iPod Touch doesn't necessarily sync the proper colors. This was personally driving me up the wall since I have had the same assigned colors for years. Here are the steps to make this work for you:

1. Go to m.google.com/sync from the Safari app and set up your device to sync with Google functions. Make sure it's syncing all your calendars from this site. In the iPhone or iPod Touch settings, you can turn off everything except Calendars if you choose, otherwise it will also sync Mail and Contacts.

NOTE: The iPhone and iPod Touch assign colors in the order red, orange, green, blue, purple. But, if you sync multiple calendars at once, it seems to randomize the color assignments each time.

2. Go to your Calendar app on the iPhone or iPod Touch and see how the colors are being assigned. If your PRIMARY calendar is not the right color, keep turning Calendar sync on and off in the iPhone or iPod Touch Mail/Contacts/Calendars settings (and tell it to delete calendars from the device each time) until your primary calendar is the right color.

3. Go back to m.google.com/sync in your Safari app and turn off all calendars except your primary calendar (you're actually not able to turn off your primary calendar). Go to your Calendar app and make sure the other calendars have disappeared.

4. Then, one by one, from m.google.com/sync, turn on each calendar in the order you want the color to be. Go to the Calendar App after syncing each one to make sure it's showing up with the color you want. For example, I kept doing Step 2 above until my primary calendar was blue. Then, I turned on the calendar I wanted to be red, then orange, then green.

If you currently have a calendar assigned to purple (especially if your primary calendar color is purple), you may need to make up a fake calendar just so you can get the color order correct and then delete it after the colors have been properly assigned.

Let me know if any of these steps are confusing. I am so glad I found a workaround for this!


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