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I try to reboot the phone w/by pressing the button on top and the button on the bottom of the face of the phone. The phone will go dark then come back w/just the apple logo... it goes no where else.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Have you tried connecting it to iTunes?
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    Known issue (better to say known quirk, not issue, however Apple should document it.) When you force boot the phone while it is loaded and running you corrupt some database and next boot will take a long time to rebuild this information. My 32GB 3Gs can take up to 7-8 minutes to boot as I have it full of music and I think it's rebuilding the music database during this long boot startup. The situation you are in now is that you have to wait for it to finish booting. The best way I have found if you phone is not stuck is to push top button until you get Red slider to turn off, slide it and allow phone to power off itself. Once off, Hold Top button and Home buttons, Keep holding them, you will see Apple logo pop up, KEEP HOLDING BUTTONS, do not release them until Apple logo goes away. If when you release both buttons the phone starts up and you see the Apple logo you have not held the buttons long enough as it sometimes will need to cycle down twice. When you have it right, when you release both buttons the screen will stay black and phone will not auto-power up. In this state the phone is fully off, not in standby. If you have previously powered the phone off gracefully with the top-button+swipe then hit top button for a couple of seconds and Apple logo should appear and phone should boot within a minute and be ready for use. If you cycled the phone without first gracefully shutting down, the bootup process can take much longer, give it at least 10 minutes before giving up. I have not found this documented by Apple anywhere, I found it from trial and error. My wife has 16GB 3Gs and while playing with both I found this out. Hope it helps you.

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