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Upon installation of Snow Leopard, logging on to my 2-Wire (ATT) wireless network worked fine. But what I have noticed is that loading Apple StartPage when opening Safari is much slower than before. The page opens quickly for everything except the center (RSS) portion. Here it takes at least 15 seconds to open. If I click to stop loading, the center panel fills in immediately, probably from a cache.

Once the Apple start page loads, everything works normally. What gives?

MacBook (Early 2008), ATT 2-Wire Network
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    Yes, me too! I noticed this only AFTER installing 10.6.3. Very strange. The apple front page did not do this before. Hmmmm, I'm stumped. I know it is not the extra traffic due to iPad because like you, all other apple pages open fast. Even the iPad page loads quickly. Surely they are not using FLASH! LOL