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I am not sure if I am in the right place. I have a My Passport Elite that I backed up photos from my old PC on. When I plug it in the USB port all the photos come up. This is great. My problem is how do I add more photos to this external drive. I photograph in RAW format and the photos take up a lot of room so I like to take them off onto an external. When I need to find something and want to use it in Photoshop I can just import. Can anyone help? Thank you.

i mac, Mac OS X (10.5.7), 24" 3.o6 GH 4 GB ram
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    Are you asking how you get the photos from your Mac to the external drive? If so you simply drag and drop the photos into the external drive just as you did in Windows.

    When you wan to edit them in Photoshop then you plug the drive in and drag the pics into Photoshop then when editing is complete you save the file back to the external drive.
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    Thank you so much. Can I drag a whole folder of my 2009 photos into the external? I was a bit worried because I was told I might have to reformat and I do not want to lose all the photos I have on that drive already. I am not happy doing things I am not sure about. If I just have to drag and drop - that is great - thanks. To be honest it is a long time ago I did it in Windows and I had forgotten.
    Thanks again. This forum is fantastic.
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    Yes you can drag folders that contain the pics from the Mac to the External drive!

    Now if you are dragging albums or pics from with-in the iPhoto application then you will need to export them to the external drive.

    The external drive does not need to be formatted to anything specific, it can be in FAT or OSX Ext. format (not NTFS), if the drive is NTFS then yes you'll need to reformat to FAT or OSX Ext. Now if you are not going to use the ext. drive with any windows machines then you can reformat the drive to OSX Ext. format which has some benefits, but not many for what you're doing with it.
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    Thank you again. I will try dragging later today. I will not format because I do not understand all that about reformatting and do not want to do anything that might harm the photos already there. If it is OK I will reply if there are any problems and ask your advice. Thanks again.
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    Reply or post anytime...

    Just FYI, it is good that you stated,
    WallStreetShari wrote:
    I will not format because I do not understand all that about reformatting and do not want to do anything that might harm the photos already there.

    Because... you never want to format anything that has data on it that you need to keep. So the thought would be that you move the data to a temp location such as the Mac then format the ext drive, then move the data back to the newly formatted ext drive.

    But I understand if you don't want to format the ext drive, there really is no need unless the ext drive is formatted in NTFS. If it is post back so we can give you specific instructions on formatting the ext drive, as it should be formatted to FAT or OSX Extended if you are going to use it with you Mac.
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    Thank you sooo much. I have done it!!! All my photos from 09 an 10 up till now. It was so easy thanks to you. I am very happy that I finally got this job done.
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    Good, glad to hear you got it!

    Post back if you have any other questions "K"...