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I've been having trouble getting my podcast to download from within iTunes. I can download them without any hassle if I use the Feedburner feed, but iTunes gives me an 8006 error for all of them.

The strange thing is that it worked perfectly fine in iTunes before we switched our hosting over to Libsyn. We still keep the XML on our main site (www.projectharuhi.net), because I figured that shouldn't matter as long as the links in the XML are pointing to the proper URLs for the audio files. What do I need to fix?

Here's the link to the feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/projectharuhi/bakacast

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The 'enclosure' tags, which contain the URL iTunes uses for the media, are for a feedproxy URL which in a browser redirects to the actual file. iTunes isn't happy with redirects, and this may be the cause of the problem. The tags should really contain a direct link to the media files.
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    Okay, I ended up having to delete the feed and re-upload it (making sure to uncheck any Feedburner options I felt were related to the enclosure problem) in order to get it to stop mucking around with the URL's, but it's still not downloading properly. The links are correct, the enclosure URL contains the direct link, and it still works perfectly fine when I'm viewing the feed in a browser. I even pinged iTunes to force it to check the for updates to the feed, and after that failed I tried manually subscribing. Still getting an 8006 error.
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    Alright, I figured out what the problem was. Although the direct URL to the episodes worked, it apparently wasn't the direct URL that works in iTunes. I found this out when I was browsing through my files on Libsyn and saw that each file had a pre-made enclosure tag associated with it, and the URL's in them was different than the URL's we were using.
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    Yes: iTunes uses the 'enclosure' tag and that is still showing the feedproxy URLs - mind you I've seen other feeds where this works, so I can't promise that if you change them it will cure the problem, but it's a place to start.
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    Actually it all seems to be working now, despite the 'feedproxy' links, so evidently that wasn't the problem. Your three episodes appear in the Store page and can be played from there, and also can be subscribed to and downloaded. The Search results list only two episodes but this is often even slower to update than the main page, which is at