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On an otherwise big news day for Aperture users, Apple has let down the Leica community once again by not including RAW camera support for the M9 rangefinder. Leica provided M9s to Apple back in September, and Apple should have had more than enough time to include RAW support for the M9 in Aperture 3. Many pro photographers and Leica owners are mac owners, and expect more of Apple. Come on Apple, please deliver the goods.

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    Maybe i'm missing something here, but i've been able to convert M9 files in Aperture 2 since the camera was first released.

    My comparison to CS3 conversions showed quite clearly that the Aperture conversion yielded far more detail and much nicer colours.
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    Aperture 2.0 does read M9 DNG / RAW files, but it does not support the M9 with a camera specific RAW profile. Instead, it applies the RAW profiles Apple created for Leica's M8 and M 8.2. The results are OK, but with the M9's full frame sensor, they fall far short of what would be achieved with an M9 specific RAW profile that reads the M9's internal configuration data. Apple has had M9s from Leica since September, when the M9 was introduced. The expectation of M9 and mac owners has been that by now, Apple would have developed a specific RAW profile for and supported the M9. Without such support, many M9 owners have been taking a pass on Aperture, and Aperture 1.0 and 2.0 owners will surely not upgrade to Aperture 3 without an M9 profile.