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I've had an ongoing problem for a week now. I was trying to download an iPhone app from Appshopper.com when iTunes froze trying to load the iTunes store. If I restarted iTunes and went to the Store, I'd get a Loading message that would eventuallt freeze. iTunes worked fine, unless it was something that needed Store support. I tried everything I could to correct this problem and finally contacted Apple support. I did everything they recommended with no joy, so it was escalated to a Senior tech. Did everything he suggested, and he escalated to Software Engineers. Started doing some experimentation, found a file in my AppData folder called "iTunesPrefs.xml" (appdata/user name/roaming/apple computer/itunes). This file contains all your preferences inside iTunes. I copied this file from a dummy user account we had created during troubleshooting and the problem was solved. Apparently my prefs file was corrupted.

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    I have been having issues connecting to the iTunes store for over a week now , Error code -50 and some error message in spanish , after some messing about i renamed all itunesprefs files to iTunesprefs.old main one located "C:\Documents and Settings\Account name\Local Settings\Application Data". this makes itunes reset all it prefs but does not delete any music or vids . i then restarted itunes and bobs your uncle straight in and working again .
    in summary :
    rename all iTunesprefs files either xml or other
    remane them to .old so you have them if you need to go back
    restart itunes or reboot
    itunes will think your a new user but does not require a re sync
    and should be fixed
    i am not responsible for any errors you create by messing it up.
    it has worked for me on Win xp pro ver9 (latest version) itunes .

    remember error lies between keyboard and seat !!

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    I had the same exact issue until 5 minutes ago


    Please read what "zen" suggested. I tried it and it worked like a charm

    Good luck
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    I am having the same issue with itunes on Vista. I have found a file called itunes preferences, however when I delete it and restart itunes I keep getting the same stupid error messages in spanish. Any suggestions?