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My imac G5 was revving up quite a bit and acted like I was downloading something all the time. I thought it might just need the fans to be cleaned but I took it into the genius bar and was told that they guy "thinks" that I need a new logic board but isn't positive and would I like to look at the new imacs. ( I love looking at the new imacs but it's not in my budget). He said it would cost close to $800.00 to repair my imac. I edit video on it and it's also become the family computer. Any suggestions? Do I put the money into replacing the logic board? Do I put money into expanding the memory on my macbook pro that only has 2 gb of memory?

imac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    He said it would cost close to $800.00 to repair my imac.

    So that's for a logic board swap?
    Well it's $250 - $395 here depending on the model:
    are you close to them?
    A client of mine used them and was happy. We've also seen and recommend their work a lot on the iBook forum.
    You can check out the capacitors and see if they're bad:
    There could also be a power supply problem.
    I edit video on it and it's also become the family computer

    We do that a lot at the school where I donated 2 G5 towers and also 2 G5 iMacs that I repaired and donated. We use Final Cut Pro.
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    I live in Central PA. There's a mac store in Lancaster. That's where I went. Wish I lived closer to where you live.
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    Try an AASP as they tend to be a tad cheaper than an Apple Store.
    Another place to try is Mac G5 Parts & Repair Services

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    Has it been shutting down unexpectedly?

    There was a repair extension program for some of these iMacs which suffered from defective capacitors on the Logic Board and the Power Supply. It's been closed since Dec. 08, but I've heard of people appealing to Apple Customer Service anyway and getting the repairs covered. First you should open the computer and determine if the capacitors on the Logic Board are swelling or leaking at all. If so, you might be able to convince Apple to do the repairs. 1-800-275-2273. If at first you get turned down, ask to speak to a higher level rep.

    Tell them how unfair you think it is that those who had the problem before the program closed were covered, and it was just your bad luck that your computer lasted a bit longer. You can also say that had you opened it up earlier, you probably would have seen the bad capacitor issue developing before the program closed. They are numerous little cylinders about 3/4 inch tall. The tops should be perfectly flat. No brownish gunk. Inspect it very carefully.You won't be able to look inside the Power Supply easily, though. If your iMac is not an iSight, it's very easy to open up. Just three screws at the bottom. Have a look here for illustrated instructions for your model. If it is an iSight, probably best not to try; a bit too complicated. Or you might just call the repair service and ask exactly why they thought it needed a new Logic Board. Did they see bad capacitors?


    These were the covered serial #'s

    * iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for
    Video and Power Issues - September 2005

    Computer model: iMac G5, 17-inch and 20-inch

    iMac Serial number range, first 5 digits:
    W8435 - W8522 or
    QP435 - QP522 or
    CK435 - CK522 or
    YD435 - YD522

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    It hasn't been shutting down at all. It just starts running the fans really high as soon as I turn it on. One of the usb ports doesn't seem to be working very well. But other than that I haven't had any problems with it.
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    A bad USB port can be a symptom of the Logic Board failing. Check those capacitors yourself, or ask the tech who looked at it--if he actually opened it up to investigate--what he thought of them. Which iMac is it? Get the EMC# from under the foot.

    EDIT: could try this. Might help or not. Very simple procedure.

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