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So I recently purchased a new 17 inch MacBook Pro in December and everything seems to be working fine last night when I was using it. All of a sudden my keyboard stops working and won't let me type a thing! My trackpad was still working too however when I start clicking on items it's as if I was right clicking and not just "normal" clicking as you usually would on a MacBook. So I did a hard shut down thinking that would end all my problems... however when I tried to type in my password to get in it wouldn't let me! My keyboard still functions however it just won't let me type anything in to the password section. When ever I try to do so it'll make a little beeping noise and that's that. Only certain keys will make that beeping noise however the other keys I noticed like my M key won't make a noise but won't display in the password section either. Any ideas or suggestions on what I should do? The track pad still works fine by the way.

MC226LL/A, Mac OS X (10.6.2)