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Hey guys,

Really hoping someone can help me out here. Have never really used GarageBand before but I was working on a film project as part of my course and latterly we ended up using GB as our separate sound recording source (along with a boom mic and alternate driver I think). Whilst the majority of the files saved work very well, a few of them list themselves as having so many MB's worth of content, yet when the file is then opened it appears to have nothing in it. No error message or anything appears and I've gone through the menus and can't appear to find any logical solution. Can anybody help?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    that can happen if you forget to save (or the program crashed), most often.

    since the projects are large, the audio files should be there, control-click the project file and choose Show Package Contents. open the media folder and drop the files into the timeline of a NEW GB project
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    This is the same issues I'm experiencing now - Is there any way to retrieve the arrangement, or any manipulations you many to volumes or fading?

    I mean, I found all the .aif files, but I couldn't read the code well enough to see if any of the arrangement data was saved.
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    all other data is encoded in a proprietary format, i'm afraid