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oldtimers Level 1 (0 points)
Downloaded turbo tax onto my MAC and worked fine until I tried to download state tax forms. error message says cant install because of lack of athurtorty. Iam logged on as addmin. Any others have this problem?

osx, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • elmac Level 5 (4,230 points)
    Hi, have you contacted T/Tax? ...L
  • JustCallMe Dude Level 2 (240 points)
    I had a big problem using TT on my Mac two years ago, lots of incompatibility issues, when I spoke with their tech support and, was trying to trouble shoot my issues he was speaking to me in Windows terminology, I had to stop him about two or three time and explain to him that I was running Tiger and
    not Windows XP. It took him a few minutes to come to the realization that he was clueless.

    Needless to say I never found anybody on their end who could talk OS X , the end result is I fixed the problem myself and the fallowing year, my TT was completely free.

    This year I just used the browser based just to be on the safe side.
    I'm willing to lay the odds , if your running Snow Leopard TT is not up to speed...
    Nevertheless I hope you get it worked out and, sorry I could not be of any help
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    I used TT 2009 Premiere this year on 10.6.2 and it worked fine, no errors at all....not sure what your problem is, might want to try a fresh install.
  • virg Level 2 (380 points)
    You're right. I switched to using TT online and no problems. You'll always be assured of the latest updates to TT.

  • Edzso Level 1 (95 points)
    Double-check with the TT support page: that may be a bug in their installer, and they may have an alternate manual link for a download, or at least a bug-report.

    Also, make sure your TT app is in the default folder specified for the original install. If you move the app around, or rename it, you may have problems.
  • inandoutofgrace Level 3 (520 points)
    Some things to check:

    1. Make sure you are not running TT off the CD (if you bought the physical version)
    2. Make sure TT is installed in the main Applications folder on your HD (not one of the user-specific Application folders)
    3. Make sure the user account you are using on your Mac has permission to read/write to the TT application folder
    4. When you download updates or State forms, make sure you are logged into the same user account that you used to install TT.
  • cowtrail Level 1 (95 points)
    I am running Snow leopard 10.6.2. I installed TT with the CD they sent me and it worked beautifully. No glitches, very smooth, (Just received my refund).