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Jerome Colas Level 2 Level 2

I just purchased Aperture 3 and I am in the middle of totally replacing iPhoto with Aperture, or at least trying to.

I have a bunch of MobileMe gallery albums currently synced with iPhoto and would like to sync them with Aperture. I do not want to re-create them and have to send a new URL for each album to my friends.

I remember seeing a button in the MobileMe album settings to change that (when I did not even have Aperture installed).
And an Apple support article clearly describes it (at the end of http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1675)

But the "syncs with" button is now nowhere to be found on my MobileMe albums, which is very inconvenient.

Anyone else seeing (or not) this setting ? Or having found it in a new place?

Thanks in advance,


MBP 17" 2.93Ghz/8GB/SSD512, Mac OS X (10.6.2), and other Macs too
  • Mike Boreham Level 4 Level 4
    I am try to do exactly the same thing with the same problem.

    The instructions are clear enough in the KB/TS1675:-

    "Additional Information
    As a new feature in MobileMe Gallery, you can change the application with which an album is synced.

    For example, if you add an album to your Gallery using iPhoto and you want to see it in the Aperture Gallery list:

    Select and enter the album
    Click the Album Settings icon in MobileMe Gallery toolbar (looks like a light switch)
    Change the application next to "Syncs with" from iPhoto to Aperture
    Click Change"

    But there is no "syncs with" option....
  • Mike Boreham Level 4 Level 4
    Well blow me down... I just went back to my Mobile me gallery for the tenth time, unable to believe that the KB could be so wrong.... and there it was a "sync now" option at the bottom of the window which appears when you click the double light switch icon with a gallery selected.

    NB. I did not enter the album as per the KB. simply single clicked each gallery so that a yellow box appeared round the key photo for the gallery.
  • Jerome Colas Level 2 Level 2
    Thanks Mike.

    But these instructions do not work. The setting did not appear at first.

    I could finally see the setting after creating a blank album from the web page (and maybe having Aperture open).
    It then appeared on the settings page for all albums.
  • Mike Boreham Level 4 Level 4
    I just went to my Mobileme gallery again, and repeated what I did before and the sync with option was missing again!

    However having made the switch over the one time the option appeared, Aperture is attempting to sync with my galleries, but producing loads of error windows.
  • Jerome Colas Level 2 Level 2
    Same here.
    Loads (hundreds) of error windows.

    Moving albums one by one from iPhoto to Aperture over the next few days. Or weeks.