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Recently purchased a new Mac Pro and tried to import my Camera Raw files from a supported camera. iPhoto refuses to import (unrecognized file format) files. Does anyone know the solution? I have over 1,700 camera raw (.CR2) files I need to import.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Dual Processor, 16GB RAM, 4TB Raid
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    Any chance you could give us any more information? Like what camera? Has it ever worked or is this the first time you have tried these files?

    By any chance are you using sRAW or some other variation of RAW? iPhoto only supports the base RAW format

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    Woo Hoo - Apple just released Camera Raw 3.0 ! This fixed the problem with importing files created with the sRAW color space. All i need now is to figure out how to import DNG files...
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    Cameras were Canon 20D and 50D. Until yesterday both were using the sRAW color space - switched them to Adobe RAW today. Problem was the 1,700 pictures with sRAW colorspace taken over the past few years - no issue importing into Adobe Photoshop CS4 (not surprising at it uses its own libraries), problem was only with iPhoto. I had what iPhoto reported as the latest update to Camera Raw, however when I browsed the Apple support pages I found v3.0 which I installed. That fixed the problem as it now has sRAW support for Canon cameras.
    Only issue that remains is importing of DNG formatted pictures. iPhoto will not import those, which is hard to understand as it is becoming the defacto cross platform format for RAW files.

    I don't recall having this issue on my older MacBook using an older version of iPhoto and older libraries...

    Anyway, good news is that v3.0 fixed the problem.

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    Until yesterday both were using the sRAW color space

    sRaw is not a colour space. It's a compressed "Raw" format peculiar to Canon.


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    Apple's iPhoto CROPS the images during import!
    When I import a raw cr2 image (size 3888x2592) from a Canon 400D the image size is reduced from 3888x2592 to 3888x2588.
    4 horizontal lines are CUT OFF!

    Canon digital professional displays the original cr2 filesize as 3888x2592 and converts this to a tif file the same size.

    Why is iPhoto doing that?
    and how can I prevent it?
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    This has come up before and iirc several posters went back and forth on it and eventually decided that it was done to how the different apps reported things rather than missing data. However, I have searched and can't find the relevant threads.


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    I think you will have to complain to Apple using the feedback mechanism.