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In itunes when you have a file, like for example a TV episode, all the appropriate info is input into the 'get info' window. If you select to have to 'description' column visible, as I do, there is a small gray circle with a lower case 'i' in it, which I'm sure we are all aware of, when you press it a basic little window opens and shows the Episode details like the show, episode name, and description. However my issue is, that when I open that window, I don't see the episode description in it. I'm trying to figure out how to get it to show that. It works on certain episodes but not on other so I'm missing something I guess but I don't see the solution. Any ideas, would be appreciated, Thanks.

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    Are you sure a description exists for that item (and no, I am not one of the "all" since I don't buy stuff from ITMS, so I am not personally familiar with that feature )?

    Check [Dougscripts|http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/scriptcount.php?sortBy=Name& op=y] for a script that lets you edit descriptions.
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    Yes, a description exists because I put it in it. After you input the description the small gray circle with an 'i' in it will appear. Which is of course, is a info indicator button/link feature. It is similar in appearance, to the arrow that appears next to individual files that works as a link to the itunes store. This 'i' however doesn't link to the store, it only shows the file info.

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    There are actually two Description fields. One you can edit in iTunes and one you cannot.
    See this -> Show Description
    "This script lets you view/update the Long Description tag of any selected track. The Read Me explains the differences between the description and long description tags."
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    Excellent. Great help!