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Recently, my daughter experienced massive Finder problems (continual spinning beachball with freezes, Force Quit unresponsive) on her iMac (Intel Dual Core 2008 Model). Eventually, she got nothing but a flashing question-mark on a restart.

Before reinstalling system software, I ran an Apple Hardware Test and it reported "No Problems". Disk Utility reported "Volume OK". Archive and install failed twice. I was able to retrieve and copy her home folder slaving the sick iMac to my operating G5 using Target Disk Mode. Following that, I did a complete erase and install of the OS.

However, AFTER reinstalling the OS, I ran Hardware Test again and it reported the following error "4MOT/1/40000003: HDD-1330". I suspect this may mean that her 1GB ram chip is going bad, but I am not sure. Does anyone know what this error means?

PowerMac G5 Dual 2 GHz Tower and Intel MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.5 gb Ram, 2-LaCie 500gb Externals, RCA Digital Broadband Modem
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    No, it means there is a motherboard problem relating to the hard drive (Hard Disk Drive - HDD.) Most likely one of two things: a. Motherboard failure; b. The hard drive has failed.
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    Bummer . . . what would you suggest as a next step? I'm not sure that she has any warranty left on the machine and my (adult) daughter is poor as a church mouse. Do you happen to know what the cost might be to fix this? Or should she just continue to use it and pray that the problem does not repeat itself?
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    Replacing a hard drive is not too costly. Hard drives are available in varying sizes for under $150.00 USD. Installation might cost about the same depending upon the time and labor charges. Or you can try doing it yourself. You can find drives and installation help at MacSales.com. You can find installation tutorials also at ifixit.com.
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    Thanks, Kappy. I may try finding a deal on an external HD for her for the time being and get her to back up what she has regularly using SuperDuper, then try replacing the internal HD myself when it gives out. (Who knows—it might keep running for quite a while in this state—I'm keeping my fingers crossed.) I'm pretty good at following instructions and may try doing the replacement myself when the time comes. At least that will allow us to save the important stuff and give us more time to save the money for the new HD purchase. No one fixes Macs around here, and I'd rather try installing the new HD myself than sending it back to Apple.