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My iPod Touch keeps automatically clicking stuff; rendering it impossible to use.

It may have been a little water damaged. It still works but every few seconds it "clicks" about half way down the screen on the right and takes you into random apps or enters stuff in the keyboard randomly.

Very annoying indeed.

I have tried cleaning the screen thoroughly and updating to the latest software.

What can I do to save my iPod Touch???

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    Hi there,
    I'm dealing with the same problem on my iPod touch 2g 32 Gig, but I'm not sure if mine is caused by water damage.
    My iPod clicks itself every 2 seconds, on the place where the 'c' is located on the keyboard.
    It's very annoying because it clicks random stuff all the time, like apps. (And games are not playable as result of the random clicking).
    Have you fixed this problem? Or has anyone else with the same problem fixed it?
    I tried restoring it for like 5 times, I updated it and I bought a new Digitizer.
    Replaced the Digitizer but that also didn't solve the problem.
    Any solutions? I'd really appreciate it Thanx!