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Hey everybody

My question is how to make my songs louder (= higher volume)

I know that you can raise the volume by right-click => volume: +100%

But that is still not loud enough + when i put it up to 100%, the sound gets distorted.

I already tried and not liked


I search for a program that simply raises the volume of my songs. I have like 600 songs, so programs where you must adjust song by song is useless.

I have a Sony Walkman X1050 with the Beats Solo by Dre. But the sound just not gets loud enough. Instead, my Sennheisers CX500 do. But I want to use my Beats, so I'm looking for a solution!

Thank you.

PS. English isn't my motherlanguage, so a few grammatical mistakes are possible.

MacBook Pro 13", Mac OS X (10.6.2)