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theriddler590 Level 1 Level 1
i was trying to record some electric guitars in audacity last night and we could record it normaly but when we added the distorion pedal it sounded aweful (as far as i could tell). Could anyone give me some ideas for what i could do on this problem. and try to explain it out please im new to music recording.

  • JKSBass Level 2 Level 2
    There's a few ways to add distortion in GarageBand. Probably the easiest is to open an Electric Guitar track, and select an amp setup from the drop-down menu near the top of the Track Info pane. From there you can adjust the levels on the stomp boxes (just start clicking on stuff and you'll figure it out yourself quickly), and you can adjust levels on your amp by clicking on it as well - you can even switch to different amps while keeping the same stomps (using the left and right arrows), as well as mix and match the actual stomps themselves by dragging them in and out of place.